Classic Game: Space Harrier for SEGA

Space Harrier was my favorite game for the Sega Master System.  It was fast paced, had an amazing soundtrack and a pseudo 3D type of gameplay.

It blew me away when I first saw the previews at Software Etc (anybody remember those computer stores?) and while staring at the game packaging in the store. I think this game showcased the graphics power of the Sega Master System console back then.

I would wake up early saturday mornings with Space Harrier and crickets outside to keep me company. The game was tough as hell, as I wasn’t aware of cheat codes back then (I still don’t use them). You had to beat the entire game (over 10 levels) in one sitting with just 3 lives.


Original soundtrack:

I heard they remixed the Space Harrier soundtrack into Bayonetta, check it out:

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