Robotech Music and Love Songs

I was a kid watching your regular saturday morning American cartoons when one day I saw a commercial montage of explosions, space aerial combats, crazy animation, aircrafts transforming into flying robots… just fast paced shit.  It was ROBOTECH and I was hooked.

I started waking up early, watching the show… the storyline was cool, characters were very Star Warsy, but there were also love stories and triangles embedded in the series.  It was weird, as a kid, you were like, WTF? But then, you started crushing on MinMei and then Lisa Hayes. This post is dedicated to that.

Below is a collection of high-quality music videos from the Robotech/Macross saga, from the kick-ass intro music to anime pop star Lynn MinMei’s love songs.

 Original Robotech Intro Music:

My Time to be a Star – Lynn MinMei

To Be in Love – Lynn MinMei

Do you Remember Love? – Lynn MinMei

My Boyfriend is a Pilot – Lynn Minmei

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2 Responses to “Robotech Music and Love Songs”

  1. aboynamedart September 25, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    Great series to watch for me as a kid – really opened my eyes up to all sorts of storytelling styles (even if watching it as an adult exposes the show’s basic flaws). Anyway, dug this post, and I’d also throw in MinMei’s stepping up to do We Will Win.

  2. Deckard September 27, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed my post. Just bought the Robotech protoculture DVD set and watching the episodes brings back good fun memories.

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