My Email to Remembering Steve

I didn’t know Steve, personally. For me, the only glimpse of his personality came through during his Keynotes and his speeches. Whether he would care about what I had to say about him is unclear to me.

He envisioned the type of technology that allowed the guy who was passionate about video become a filmmaker, even though he couldn’t get into the ivy league school. He envisioned the type of technology that would let a child easily learn how to play and compose music, even if the parents couldn’t afford the ongoing private lessons. And he even dared to envision technology that would allow the blind, the deaf, or the extraordinarily challenged do what anyone could do.

He had many visions, and the one that resonates strongest for me is that everyone has a right to be empowered. No… I’m not sure if he ever verbalized this. But it doesn’t matter.

So to Steve:  thank you for being so forth forthright and so tenacious on creating something that would put everyone on an even level. Thank you for believing that everyone should be empowered.

Thank you.

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