Choose your Dark Leader: Darth Vader vs. Magneto

Two of the greatest characters in the Star Wars and Marvel world.

Who would you see as a greater dark leader?

Let’s start with Darth Vader.  At a young age he was a great pilot, but had a dark side that hungered to be the most powerful Jedi.  His future was “clouded in darkness.”

His tragic dark path starts with him leaving Naboo to train as a Jedi at a late age, then losing his mother to the Tusken Raiders which sets things off on the dark path.  He vows that he will be the most powerful Jedi and can save people from dying….”Can you say that he is a bit crazy?”

We all know what happens from there…


The Force

  • Move objects
  • Mind control
  • Skilled fighter with a lightsaber
  • Strategist
Max Elsenhardt aka “Magneto” a man who was born to a German Jewish family in the late 1920s.  Now I think his origin is more tragic than Anakin Skywalker aka “Darth Vader” because Max lived in a world where the Jews and his family were taken into concentration camps and treated as slaves and tortured.

At a very young age Max was separated from his family and watched everyone around him die, and this is where we witness his magnetic powers slowly emerge.  Max who eventually took the name Magnus towards the series also took the name that was feared throughout the Marvel world — Magneto.

He became the way he is because he lost his family, loved ones and hated human nature and wanted to change the world in his own image.  He see’s that with the power, he can lead all mutants to the promised land.

  • Electro Magnetic force field
  • Electro flight
  • Electro Magnetic pulse
  • Skilled leader and Strategist
  • Genius-level

It is very hard to choose from both because they are both bad-ass.  The origin for these two characters are similar, they both also had kids, Anakin had a twin boy and girl and Magnus also had a boy and girl.  Anakin lost his wife because he unintentionally killed her and Magnus lost his wife because she feared him.  Both were driven into a dark path.

Now which side would you choose????

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