Kids On The Slope: A Quick Look

The cast of “Kids On The Slope”

It’s an infectious story.

This isn’t an anime with superpowers and other-worldly beings.

But it accomplishes what so much anime fail to bring.


Kaoru is around the age of a sophomore in American high school.  From Tokyo to Kyushu, he is the new kid in town, and he’s completely disengaged.  All the luck in the world–specifically, he is a masterful classical pianist and he comes from a rich family–and he is completely empty inside.  Scarred, probably.  And without any drive.

That is, until, he meets the taller, larger-built and widely-reactive Sentaro.  Sentaro is introduced to Kaoru by means of hearsay:  a fierce bully and class clown who will never let up.  It’s to Kaoru’s surprise, however, that Sentaro is actually not your typical alpha-male oppressor.  He is passionate, vulnerable, and free; a stark contrast from Kaoru’s attempted stoic, shelled and indifferent nature.  And, when Kaoru learns of Sentaro’s gifts, he finds himself asking rhetorically, “What is this magic?”

“Kids On The Slope” is a wonderfully applicable story for anyone who’s desired or maintained the friendship of a lifetime.  The anime is well into its first season now on  Check it out!


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