Robotech at Warner Bros. gets a director, Nic Mathieu


 The much awaited live-action film of the 80’s Japanese Anime “Robotech” is now underway and has found a commercial director, Nic Mathieu.

Produced at Warner Bros. by Akiva Goldsman and Tobey Maguire.

Click here to preview Nic Mathieu’s commercial CGI-heavy reel


The Macross Saga begins with humanity’s discovery of a crashed alien ship and subsequent battle against a race of giant warriors called the Zentraedi, who have been sent to retrieve the ship for reasons unknown. In the course of this chapter, Earth is nearly annihilated, the Zentraedi are defeated, and humans gain knowledge of the energy source called protoculture. Humanity also learns of the Robotech Masters whose galactic empire the Zentraedi protected and patrolled.

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