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With the success of the crowdfunding system, my ultimate favorite-but-cancelled-after-three-seasons television show finally came back to life! On its opening day on March 14, 2014, I rushed to the cinema to watch Veronica Mars, a movie I had been dying to see since I found out about its production. Sure, it’s not as big as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but this short-lived UPN/CW series has developed a cult following of loyal fans, also known as Marshmallows. Knowing that, creator Rob Thomas (not the singer but a former high school teacher and young adult writer) took advantage of and sought to raise funds, mainly from fans, to produce a movie version of our beloved show. And, wow, did I love that movie! Not because it had an exceptional storyline or out-of-this-world visual effects. In fact, the movie was just like a long episode of the show, which I didn’t mind at all, since I could never get enough of it. I loved the movie simply because it was Veronica Mars. Why do I love it so much? If we had all day, I’d tell you. For now, here are the top five reasons I am obsessed with Veronica Mars:

5. Cool Soundtrack

Both the series and the movie boast a line of hip and indie music. While the show played many good songs, one of my favorites is I Hear the Bells by Mike Doughty. It has a catchy tune and lyrics I can never interpret, but most importantly, it is, for me, THE love song of the show. Another song that stood out for me was Something Happens’ Momentary Thing, played in Season 1 during Veronica’s first kiss with a special someone. The song has an 80’s new wavy feel to it and the lyrics are spot on to Veronica and her new beau’s situation. As for the movie, talented artists from the soundtrack include Sufjan Stevens, Mackintosh Braun, Max, Emperor X and, of course, The Dandy Warhols. And my, did The Dandy Warhols bring back memories of watching the show. Back when I was watching the show, feelings of excitement surged within me as soon as I heard the Dandy Warhols sing “A long time ago, we used to be friends” during the opening credits of the series.. It didn’t matter that I’ve seen the intro or heard the song a million times. I was glued to it. The lyrics are so apt to the show’s storyline and the song’s alternative rock/synthpop composition, as well as the lead singer’s voice, will give you the neo-noir feel of the show.

4. Sharp Dialogue

Given that the show’s genre fell under Drama/Mystery, the sharp dialogue and witty banter between characters bring light to an otherwise dark program. In a show where teenagers are murdered and intrigues abounded, a little comedy is surely welcome. The witty dialogue also makes you clap and cheer for the underdogs, when they stand up to those who bully them by delivering lines that make you say, “boo-ya!”

3. Intriguing Plot and Storylines

What got me interested was the premise, but what got me hooked were the unexpected twists and turns of the plot. The show starts one year after the murder of teenager Lily Kane, Veronica Mars’ best friend. We find out that the Mars family has been ostracized by the townspeople of Neptune, where the rich get richer and the poor get beaten down. While working as the county sheriff, Keith Mars, Veronica’s dad, accused Jake Kane, Lily’s dad and most powerful man in Neptune, as the murderer. When proven innocent, Keith lost his job as sheriff, Veronica was casted off from the popular circle she ran in and Mama Mars left father and daughter to fend for themselves. Keith, then, opens his own private detective agency. Against her oh-so-loving and supportive father, Veronica investigates Lily’s murder and works on other cases as requested by her schoolmates on the side. Along the way, she unearths secrets, scandals and intrigues, including her mother’s past. She also finds love, friendship and alliances, but in a town as seedy as Neptune, you never know who you can trust.

2. A Kick-ass Heroine

Let’s face it: Veronica Mars is allergic to BS and she won’t take anything lying down. She’s someone you don’t want to mess with, but someone you’d want on your side. She doesn’t let anyone bully her or the people she cares about. And when she wants something, she won’t take no for an answer. I won’t say that she is not afraid of anything, because she is, in fact, afraid of a lot of things. But the fact that she faces them head on, and the fact that she gets back up whenever someone kicks her down, makes her one strong, courageous girl.

1. Epic LoVe (Spoiler Alert!)

Last, and certainly not the least, the show probably became my ultimate favorite when a love angle between Logan and Veronica was introduced.  I know that the show is about a mystery and a teenage girl trying to survive high school, but when Logan and Veronica first kissed in Season 1, Episode 18, it was thrilling, unexpected, romantic. My jaw dropped and my heart pounded like crazy. I kept screaming “Oh my, gosh, they’re going to get together!” And why was it a big deal? Well, because Logan was a jerk, especially to Veronica. When most of Neptune High turned their backs on Veronica, this privileged bad boy was “the cruelest,” to quote our heroine’s opening narration in the movie. So, him realizing he had the hots for Veronica? Priceless!  But as the show went on, issues arose, hearts were broken and hopes of Logan and Veronica (LoVe for short) ever being together were dim. And with each and every episode, each and every heartbreak, I, along with other fans I’m sure, just couldn’t help rooting for the couple to kiss and make up and be together forever. But, no matter how much we want the two to be at peace, deep inside, we all know that what makes their LoVe story so powerful, is that it is, to quote Logan himself, EPIC: “spanning years and continents, ruined lives and bloodshed.” After all, how exciting can a TV LoVe story be if the couple got along so well and settled down right away?


Watching the movie was like having a reunion with friends I have not seen in nine years. The experience was joyful, exciting, surreal. I refused to leave when the end credits started rolling and felt sad when the screen turned dark again. It’s over, the movie, the anticipation, the reunion.  But I remain hopeful. Hopeful that there would be numerous sequels to the movie or a revival of the television show (with the same actors and characters, please). Hopeful that networks and studios will see the light and realize that Veronica Mars is worth producing, continuing and being out there. I love the inventor of Kickstarter and the brilliant mind of Rob Thomas who used the platform to give life to the town of Neptune once again. For that, I will always be grateful, as I am, and forever will be, a Marshmallow.