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The Force Will Be With You – December 20

*OFFICIAL* (BioWare & LucasArts) STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC Release Date: DEC. 20, 2011 (US); DEC. 22, 2011 (EU) GET YOUR PRE-ORDER SOON!

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The Godfather: Five Families MMO

There is a new MMO in town based on the mafia family saga, The Godfather: Five Families. It’s weird seeing your favorite films brought to the MMO gaming space, but we’ll see.  Seems like Gaming is taking on Hollywood, and vice-versa for material. We only have a trailer, as no gameplay videos have been posted […]

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Hutball – PvP event on Star Wars: The Old Republic

“Hutball” looks like some sort of Harry Potter-Quidditch type of game, Star Wars version.  It’s the PvP gameplay for the upcoming MMO – SWTOR. Looks pretty fun, check it out! Sponsored by Jabba the Hutt

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Astronaut: Moon, Mars & Beyond – The Official NASA MMO

This is a pretty interesting Kickstarter project – an official NASA MMO game.  NASA has asked a private company and awarded a group of video game developers the license to create this massive multi-player online game.  Their goal is to raise $25,000 to get started on the project. Learn more about and help fund their […]

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New fantasy sci-fi MMO “Wildstar” – Gamescom 2011

A new stylish, fantasy sci-fi MMO was recently unveiled by Carbine Studios and NCSoft at Gamescom 2011. No release date yet, but the official site is offering beta sign-ups. The cinematic trailer looks pretty stunning below, different from other MMOs out there!

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Transformers Online Beta launches in China

NetDragon, one of China’s largest online game developers, is announcing the beta release of Transformers Online, a new MMOTPS (third person shooter) aimed at Chinese gamers.  If you can read enough Chinese, you maybe able to navigate their site and sign up for the beta. Here is the link for limited beta signups. Visit the […]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Highlights from SDCC 2011

Will this game live up to the hype? Did I hear beta-testing in September 2011?

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Star Wars: Old Republic – Esseles Flashpoint Trailer

Gameplay video presented by BioWare developers:

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Rift: WoW’s Bane?

They came first with their concept, unveiling a product that was unprecedented and out of this world. Since then, they’ve managed to maintain their spot on top as they’ve rolled out updates while other game developers have only rolled out their hopes of a good horse that can – at least – catch up. In […]

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RIFT Video (Evangelion Guild)

I didn’t have many screenshots and video. I was still at the start of leveling at the time. Second video coming soon with more video, screenshots, and action from various places of RIFT! [youtube]

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