What Is The Next “Death Note”?

The world of anime is a four-story Yankee Candle store. Who knows if such a thing exists, but what if it did? Honestly, how does one tell which candle is good? THEY ALL LOOK GOOD FROM THE OUTSIDE. And there’s no way of being able to sniff out the differences in the store, because the nose has been burnt out from the existing aromas.

Another story similar to Death Note is not necessarily what’s needed. Hardcore anime fans don’t want a copycat, and the fact is there will NEVER be another Ryuk or L.

Death Note truly is a total package of storytelling, voiceover acting, artistry, scriptwriting, continuity, mystery and suspense – it is an anime that raised the standard of good anime once again. In giving the power of Death to an individual with the most human of emotions and desires, the creators of Death Note challenged its audiences to one of those ultimate questions raised at a sake party:

“Would you kill if you knew you couldn’t get caught?” Or, “How would you kill someone if you had total control over the cause and time of death?” It begs to wonder just what kind of sake these writers were drinking!

Nevertheless, the makers of Death Note came up with a unique story and a set of amazing characters whose intentions were difficult to follow even though it was impossible to avoid being totally drawn to at least one of them. The three main characters – the self-righteous Light, the curious and apathetic Ryuk, and the brilliant, confident, and creepy L – all offered a piece of themselves that was relatable to any one individual.

The story was succinct and balanced between what was realistic and what was out of this world. The telling of the story was tightly woven together as well. Watching with an ounce of interest was enough to understand the plot – everything was continuous and made sense.

Honestly, there are some things that just aren’t easy describing in enough words. Some things in this world are just too good, too complete, and too sophisticated that even those very descriptions don’t do the work justice. Death Note is one such piece of work.

So what’s next? In a world where popular anime run for hundreds of episodes and multiple seasons, the brilliance delivered by Death Note and its twenty-something episodes and three live-action films stands on its own pedestal. More of this brilliance is needed. Who’s going to bring it? When someone finds it, please make the news public.


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