Bleach: Chapter 459 – Thoughts and Opinions

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Recap and Summary

After the last arc ended, Kubo Tite begun a new arc and with it introduced new characters with new abilities. These new characters are called Fullbringers. Born of a mother who had once been attacked by Hollows (spirits who have lost turned into vicious monsters), traces of that Hollow’s powers are passed on to them and allow them to manipulate the “souls” of objects and matter to produce different effects. Ichigo and his friends Sado and Orihime meet six fullbringers, the “leader” being Kūgo Ginjō, and are trained by them. After the last arc, Ichigo lost his shinigami powers and trains with the fullbringers in hopes for his powers to return.

Ichigo successfully acquires and masters his own fullbring through his substitute shinigami badge. During all this, another fullbringer, Shūkurō Tsukishima, emerges as the designated villain and threatens the lives of his friends and the rest of the fullbringers.

In this chapter, a huge plot twist unfolds as the fullbringer leader, Kūgo Ginjō, that has been helping Ichigo all this time and acting as his comrade reveals himself as evil and takes Ichigo’s fullbring ability for himself. Completely deprived from everything he had, Ichigo falls helpless and defeated without any ounce of his powers. In a fit of emotions, he is suddenly pierced with a sword from behind and turns around to see his father, Urahara, and surprisingly Rukia, who is the one who cut him, thus regaining once again, just as how he first recieved them, his shinigami powers.

Thoughts and Opinions

The new arc moved slow at first but proved to be extremely well written and well thought out. The new Fullbring ability to me was thoroughly interesting as were the new characters. It was a much needed rest and relief from the shinigamis who were, I admit, getting less and less exciting with every new chapter.

I was also very happy that Kubo began focusing on Sado and Orihime and showing in them growth and development. They had been much deprived of attention thus far despite the two having arguably the most interesting and mysterious powers. In the arc, Kubo did a tremendous job of showcasing their newfound resolves for fighting, determination for protecting the people they care about, and dedication to becoming stronger.

A growth in Ichigo’s much neglected younger sisters was also being slowly exposed as Karin begun obtaining the ability to sense spirits and reiatsu. His father’s extremely vague past was also being addressed occasionally.

As for Ichigo, his path to regaining his powers was also interesting and creative. I had such high hopes for what was to come in this arc and many were extremely thrilled and excited to see that Kubo had not yet lost his touch.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Just as the arc was climaxing, Kubo seems to just run out of ideas and completely cops out with a deux ex machina. Instead of furthering Ichigo’s character by himself, he brings back an event from the past and cheats his way to the regaining of Ichigo’s powers. Using Rukia like that was completely random and thoroughly disappointing. With this wrong move, it seems it will completely stop all character development in their tracks and pan the focus from what’s important to what’s overplayed. For certain much chapter time will be wasted on pointless, dry arguments between Rukia and Ichigo as well as recapping what has been happening in Soul Society.

With this, I am extremely disheartened and disappointed in this waste. The arc was moving in such a positive direction and has now plummeted to the ground. It’s a “stock market crash” in the world of Bleach.

What are your opinions? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment.


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