The Godfather: Five Families MMO

There is a new MMO in town based on the mafia family saga, The Godfather: Five Families. It’s weird seeing your favorite films brought to the MMO gaming space, but we’ll see.  Seems like Gaming is taking on Hollywood, and vice-versa for material.

We only have a trailer, as no gameplay videos have been posted by the developers.  I’m glad they used the original Godfather music and color tones, because that’s key.

Brought to you by Kabam and Paramount Digital Entertainment.  You can sign up here for beta registration.



It’s 1935: ten years before the events of The Godfather film. New York’s Five Families are engaged in an all-out war for supremacy. The war is heating up and smaller gangs are under pressure to join one of the Families . . . or die. Your father’s brutal injury leaves him unable to lead your family – leaving it up to you. You must take charge and keep your family’s criminal organization alive.Join one of the Five Families: put together a crew of deadly, street tested wiseguys. Rise through the ranks and build your own criminal empire, one bloody brick at a time. It takes ruthless cunning to survive on these bullet riddled streets. Intimidate and collect from your neighbors. “Go to the mattresses” with better weapons, skills, and equipment.
Crush your rivals, and, above all, protect the Family.Only one player in a Family will have what it takes to become its Don . . . the Godfather. Is it you?



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