Documentary: I AM BRUCE LEE

Someone like Jean-Luc Godard is for me intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good Kung Fu film. – Werner Herzog

I am probably one of the biggest martial arts movie fan on Earth.  I’ve seen all of them… the Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li films and all the classics from the Shaw Brothers studio. If I had time, I probably would have made a Kung Fu movie blog already.

The Kung Fu storyline archetype is similar to the Superhero one — oppression, sacrifice/exile/training, and the final confrontation with the villain. And Bruce Lee was the Superman/Batman rolled into one in his movies.

From the Producers:

‘I Am Bruce Lee’ tells the amazing story of one of the most iconic human beings ever to enter the public consciousness. Voted as one of the most important people of the 20th century in Time Magazine’s Time 100, as well as one of the Greatest Pop Culture Icons by People Magazine, Bruce Lee continues to be honoured and remembered for his enduring legacy.

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Here is the climactic fight in Enter The Dragon (1973) between Bruce Lee and Han (not Solo)

1:44 – That kick deserves an Academy Award.


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