Cosplay fitness tips for getting in shape

When you go to an event and see people role play their favorite character, it’s fine, but when you see them destroy the image of that certain hero….WELL GOD DAMMIT hit the gym for god sake!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is a  SIMPLE work out routine to get yourself in shape so you can look like your heroes.

ABS – ( leg raises ) very effective



Push ups:

  • Diamond – focus on triceps and inner chest. Having your hands close together making it shape like a diamond.
  • Wide range – focus across the chest..ripped….just like a simple push up starting point but just having it a little bit wider
  • Close range – that requires your arms a little close to your sides with your hands by your chest. This will focus on rounding out your chest.

My first motivation to get me where I am was Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man when he transformed himself.

change is always good.






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