Flight of the Conchords: The Funniest Musical Duo Ever

I was recently persuaded by a fellow geek to watch the 2007 HBO series Flight of the Conchords and I’m glad I gave in. It is THE funniest show I have ever seen in my entire life (sorry, Friends). The show starred real-life, two-man, comedic New Zealand band Flight of the Conchords, consisting of Jemaine Clement (who later starred as Boris the Animal in Men in Black) and Bret McKenzie (who played different elfin roles in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series). Like the films the duo starred in, the two-season series was also an adventure… a fictional adventure in search for fame in New York City. Although they did not have a Gandalf or an Agent K in the show, they had Murray, the dimwitted New Zealand cultural diplomatic attaché who also acted as their band manager. The situations the characters get into are funny enough, but what makes the show funnier are the dry, expressionless faces of the actors as they deliver the silliest lines ever. To add to that, the band sings a song or two in every show with lyrics that would make you say “what the…?” and then involuntarily make you laugh out loud. Here is my favorite and, for me, the funniest song in the whole series: The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room).


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